December 09, 2020

Simply put, organic cotton is cotton that is grown in accordance to organic agricultural standards. Just like fruits and veggies, cotton can be grown in a way that is more sustainable for the environment and is free from pesticides and genetic mutation. Organic cotton is a great alternative to traditionally grown cotton as organic cotton has a better environmental impact on the world around us, is higher quality, and is safer for farmers and those who work on cotton farms.
Environmental Impact
Traditionally grown cotton is grown on farms that use a high level of pesticides and insecticides during its growth period. Those chemicals may ward off bugs and other pests from getting at the cotton, but they cause a dangerous and toxic runoff that can be deadly to animals who consume it.
Social Impact
Because traditional cottons are often sprayed with these harmful chemicals, it also causes a negative working environment for those who work on cotton farms. Exposure to these chemicals can cause health issues and pesticide residue can even be passed on through breast milk.
Quality Impact
Organic cotton is often touted as being of better quality than traditional cotton. This is because the same chemicals used in pesticides can also wear down the physical cotton plant over time, causing more quality issues for your cotton garments in the long run.
The next time you’re looking for a cotton garment, research whether it is made with organic cotton. If it’s not, consider buying from a garment store that understands the environmental and social impacts of cotton growing, like He Consider, an organic menswear brand. You can get all the same great basics, like tees, sweats, and more, and feel better about your impact on the environment. Plus, you’ll know you are getting high-quality clothing with great longevity.


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